The Ultimate Indoor/Outdoor
HDTV Antenna

Unlimited Antenna reception cuts through any weather to
deliver stunning 4k resolution to any TV, anywhere - forever!

Free TV & Movies

Weather Resistant

Easy Setup

4k Resolution

No Contracts

Get Unlimited TV, Forever!

Whole House Solution

You can now receive free HD channels, movies, & networks in 4k resolution that feeds up to 3 TVs.

Weatherproof Coating

Features a UV coating for a weather resistant finish. Installs on any wall, roof, or balcony. Safe for indoor and outdoor use.

Optimized for Clear Reception

Get stations for up to 100 miles in every direction (a 200 mile diameter) and can be used with existing cable wires.

Powered FM Antenna

Pick up the nearest local broadcasting signal over air. The powered FM Antenna gets more free music, news, and sports.

4.9/5.0 Star Reviews

Unlimited Antenna

Features & Benefits

  • Free movies & networks that you can watch anywhere

  • UV coating for a weather resistant finish

  • Easy home exterior installation: wall, roof, or balcony

  • Provides stunning 4k resolution on any TV - indoors or outdoors

  • 4G LTE Filter: blocks unwanted 3G and 4G signals

  • Fully assembled - works right out of the box

  • Whole-house solution: Can feed up to 3 TVs

  • No contracts, no monthly fees, no price hikes - get unlimited TV forever!

  • Life Watch Case

  • 2-Piece Wristband (Black Rubber)

  • Magnetic Charging Cord

  • User Manual & Quick Starter Guide

Get Unlimited TV, Forever!

Works right out of the box! Install the Unlimited Antenna in 4 easy to follow steps.

Mount Antenna Anywhere

Mount the fully assembled antenna inside or outside your home or RV and connect the coaxial cable.

Powered Signal Booster

Connect the other end of the cable to the

4-way signal booster. Then connect the additional cable to any of the TV terminals.

Plug Booster into TV

Connect the other end of the black coaxial cable to the “Antenna In” terminal on the back of your TV.

Search for Channels

Go to your TV’s source selection settings menu and look for the “AIR” signal, do an automatic search for free HD channels.


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