Access Hundreds of Channels Without the Expensive Monthly Cable Bill

Enjoy a vast selection of channels without the burden of a costly recurring cable bill. Whether you're at home, camping or tailgating, Unlimited Antenna ensures you always have access to your favorite networks at no cost — indoors and outdoors.

Free HD TV That Works Right Out of the Box

Tired of paying for overpriced cable each month? With Unlimited Antenna, you can lose that expense but keep all of your favorite networks, channels, shows and movies.

Achieve your ideal fit (to go with your ideal outfit) with our highly customizable design. See why SureFit is the ultimate accessory choice:

1 Antenna Supports 3 TVs

A whole-house solution for HD viewing

Hundreds of Free Channels

Scans 100 miles for unlimited shows and movies

4K Resolution

An exceptional high-definition viewing experience

Easy Installation

Ready to use in just four simple steps

How Can I Access Channels?

If you’re wondering how to access channels with your Unlimited Antenna, don't worry; it's simple. Here's how to easily find and enjoy all your favorites in just minutes:

Search for Channels

Explore a large selection of channels with ease. Automatically search for free HD channels by navigating to your TV's source selection settings menu and looking for the "AIR" signal.

Fine-Tuned Reception

Discover a wide selection of TV listings using your standard remote control. Then, when you've found the perfect channel, easily fine-tune your reception by adjusting the signal booster for an optimal viewing experience.

4.9/5.0 Star Reviews

Unlimited Antenna

Features & Benefits

  • Free movies & networks that you can watch anywhere
  • UV coating for a weather resistant finish
  • Easy home exterior installation: wall, roof, or balcony
  • Provides stunning 4k resolution on any TV - indoors or outdoors
  • 4G LTE Filter: blocks unwanted 3G and 4G signals
  • Fully assembled - works right out of the box
  • Whole-house solution: Can feed up to 3 TVs
  • No contracts, no monthly fees, no price hikes - get unlimited TV forever!

Setting Up Your Unlimited Antenna Is Easy — Here’s How It Works

antenna mobile.png
1. Install Anywhere

Mount indoors or outdoors and plug the included cable into the antenna.

The back side of an Unlimited Antenna as it is being plugged in.
2. Set Up Signal Booster

Connect the other end of the cable to the signal booster.

Cord being plugged into a TV signal booster.
3. Connect to TV

Use another cable to connect your TV to the signal booster.

Unlimited Antenna
4. Search For Channels

Perform an automatic search for free HD channels and enjoy!

Why Choose Unlimited Antenna Instead of Traditional Cable?

Without Unlimited Antenna, you’re stuck with costly cable bills and will miss out on substantial savings. Don't let old-school cable TV hold you back — switching to Unlimited Antenna means:

Unlimited Antenna

  • No Contracts or Monthly Fees: Enjoy free TV without recurring charges.
  • Easy Installation: Set up hassle-free in minutes.
  • Weather Resistant: Stay connected even in inclement weather.
  • Supports Up to 3 TVs: Watch on multiple screens without extra charges.
  • 4G LTE Filter: The included filter minimizes interference from weaker 3G and 4G signals.
  • Create Your Own TV Guide: Personalize your viewing experience with ease.
  • Minimal Cable Clutter: Keep your space tidy and clutter-free.
  • Outdoor Access: Watch TV indoors or outdoors, depending on where you set up.

Traditional Cable

  • Recurring Monthly Fees & Price Increases: Expect ongoing expenses.
  • Complex Installation: Adhere to time-consuming setup.
  • Vulnerable to Weather: Risk being susceptible to weather-related disruptions.
  • Extra Charges for Multiple TVs: Pay more for additional connections.
  • Weaker Signals: Expect signal quality could default to weaker 3G and 4G signals.
  • Limited TV Guide Customization: Remain limited to a few options for personalization.
  • Visual Cable Clutter: Be stuck with unsightly cable cords and boxes.
  • No Outdoor Access: Keep confined to indoor use only.

Here’s What People Are Saying About Unlimited Antenna

“I discontinued my cable and with this antenna, I am pulling in my local channels and so much more. Saving myself over $100.00 a month.”

— Jim M.

“This antenna works great. You get a lot of news channels, sports channels, and movie channels that I’ve never seen before.”

-John L.

“I discontinued my cable and with this antenna, I am pulling in my local channels and so much more. Saving myself over $100.00 a month.”

— Jim M.

Get Your Unlimited Antenna Now!

Ready to break free from your costly cable bill? Get an Unlimited Antenna so you can keep your must-have entertainment and ditch the monthly expense.