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The standard HD Free Unlimited is great, but today you can upgrade to our Deluxe Version with 50 percent better signal stabilization for an additional $9.99.
That's an instant savings of $10.00!

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What’s in the Box

An Unlimited Antenna and all of the accessories it comes with.
  • HD Free Unlimited Antenna
  • VHF Extenders
  • 15 db 4-Way Signal Booster
  • 65’ Coaxial Cable
  • 10’ Coaxial Extension
  • Wall Mounting Kit
  • Signal Booster Power Adapter

Get Unlimited TV, Forever!

A couple sitting in front of a TV watching football through their Unlimited Antenna connection with their kids and high-fiving one another.

Whole House Solution

You can now receive free HD channels, movies, & networks in 4k resolution that feeds up to 3 TVs.

A close up of a waterproof Unlimited Antenna set up with rainwater on it.

Weatherproof Coating

Features a UV coating for a weather resistant finish. Installs on any wall, roof, or balcony. Safe for indoor and outdoor use.

Men sitting in chairs and tailgating outside of an arena while using their unlimited antenna to watch the football game.

Optimized for Clear Reception

Get stations for up to 100 miles in every direction (a 200 mile diameter) and can be used with existing cable wires.

A woman smiling with headphones on enjoying entertainment through her Unlimited Antenna.

Powered FM Antenna

Pick up the nearest local broadcasting signal over air. The powered FM Antenna gets more free music, news, and sports.

Quick & Easy Installation

Works right out of the box! Install the Unlimited Antenna in 4 easy to follow steps.

An Unlimited Antenna being installed on the side of a home's exterior.
Mount Antenna Anywhere

Mount the fully assembled antenna inside or outside your home or RV and connect the coaxial cable.

A person setting up their Unlimited Antenna signal booster.
Powered Signal Booster

Connect the other end of the cable to the 4-way signal booster. Then connect the additional cable to any of the TV terminals.

A person plugging their Unlimited Antenna signal booster into the back of their TV.
Plug Booster into TV

Connect the other end of the black coaxial cable to the “Antenna In” terminal on the back of your TV.

A woman scanning for channels through her Unlimited Antenna.
Search for Channels

Go to your TV’s source selection settings menu and look for the “AIR” signal, do an automatic search for free HD channels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find what you’re looking for? See our full FAQ list

1. Recheck the connection to see if all cables and power adapters are connected properly. 

2. Always remember to do a TV channel scan  — do this each time you try a new position for the antenna. 

3. The signal reception is varied as it can be influenced by the environment, the position of the Antenna, tall buildings and big power consumption devices (like refrigerators, microwave ovens, and washing machines.) Users should try to install the Antenna outside and as high as possible. 

4. The users can check how many channels they can receive around their location via antennaweb.org to view their local area broadcast towers. 

5. The Federal Government has been changing frequencies for some broadcasters. A station may be broadcasting on a different bandwidth which would cause the station to be dropped from a customer's TV. To fix the problem, you should rescan for channels using your TV's remote. The government has provided  this website: www.fcc.gov/rescan as a resource customers to use to help them fix this issue.

The HD antenna does not come with a remote control.  You’ll need to use your TV’s remote and look for the “MENU” button on it.

There is a possibility the signal reception will be varied on rainy or windy days when nearby trees move and obscure broadcast signals.  

You should re-scan regularly to receive up-to-date channels. 

1. Recheck to make sure all cables and power adapters are connected properly. 

2. Try a new position for the antenna and re-scan channels. 

The HD Antenna does not have a remote. The remote control in the advertisement is an example of the remote control that comes with your TV. The antenna does not come with a channel guide. This is a feature that is built into Smart TVs. 

You cannot connect to the HD antenna wirelessly. The HD antenna must be connected to the TV with a coaxial cable for signal reception to occur. 

Basement placement is also not ideal. Unless you are within a city location and signal penetration is very strong. For the best reception, the antenna is better placed as high inside the house as possible. Outside the house is even better.